An article I just read

It was called “6 ways to use your sensitivity as a superpower,” and it is an amazing article. One of the things says, “Don’t toughen up, think smarter.” I can see the beauty in both of these things. I see being strong as being fierce and standing up for yourself and I see being sensitive and smart as beautiful as well. I can see myself climbing up a mountain, my muscles accentuated by shadows, determination in my eyes as a metaphor of standing up for yourself through the fear.  Then I see myself sitting quietly, listening. Being insulted and ready to cry. But instead, thinking quietly to myself. Using my past pain as a way to be smarter and handling this in a way that doesn’t include self-loathing. Sitting quietly in the thoughts that no one knows are burning with brightness inside me. Determination in my eyes different from those of being strong but both having fire. These eyes are full of mental strength, being inside my own head and trying so hard to find beauty in a situation. Being smarter in the end once I always find the answer. Then the determination in standing up and being strong. Not staying quiet, not backing down. Intensity in my eyes being shown by pain with a filter of strength because I am facing my fears of standing up for myself. Then intensity in the eyes of sitting in silence, quietly and silently finding the beauty in your surroundings within a time limit. Needing to find the beauty quickly, or your mind might destroy you. So stay quiet and fight your mind, or get up and stand up for yourself. Either way they are amazing.


9 thoughts on “An article I just read

  1. That’s a great mantra – don’t toughen up / think smarter because it doesn’t condemn people who are anxious or depressed. This made me think of how often depressed people are ‘condemned’ for being depressed like it’s a choice. It’s my opinion few if any would ever choose such a perspective but I also don’t believe depression is something you can ‘cure’ easily if at all when it’s not due to a situation (bereavement etc) because it’s like saying ‘let’s change how we view the world entirely’ which yes, maybe some can do but most of us are who we are, and as such if you see the sadness in the world and it is that coupled with not seeing distractions like football as appeasing that intrinsic sadness, then you’re going to for the most part, view the world and life as ‘suffering’ with respites of joy/happiness. That’s how I view the world it’s not because I do not acknowledge others are happy maybe even most of the time, nor that I don’t wish I had that perspective, but since I was a kid I opened my eyes and I saw the world and this is what I saw. I’m not sure that is cultural, genetic, learned or can be un-learned through behavioral or cognitive ‘therapy’ I think it’s the mortar of our soul, some have different souls, some seem to be able to live on the ‘froth of the daydream’ whilst others can ‘make the best of it’ and others ‘endure’ and others are sorrow laiden. I would say, it helps nobody who is ever depressed whether short or long term, to be condemned for it, so I always welcome different perspectives that don’t being with ‘if you just wanted to be happy you could make it so’

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    1. I was in therapy for years until I found the right skills for me. I agree that sometimes we cannot be “cured” from the things we have learned but when you find the correct skills for you, it works wonders! Like for me, finding a different perspective and it seems to be something you are interested in as well. It has really helped me, changing my perspective, especially in the way I explain it here. Sometimes I fight for myself and sometimes I can’t, but if you can see the beauty in both, you won’t feel ashamed for whatever you do. I often feel judged for how I act when I am depressed so changing your perspective also helps you understand yourself and your motives better. Thanks for your response!

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      1. I admire you for maybe feeling judged but being honest and open and always trying to go forward. You have a lot of strength and I wish you only brighter days ahead because you inspire others with your courage and your strength.

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