Being confident is lovely

Being confident isn’t arrogance. You cannot be fierce and intense without being confidence. These are the two adjectives of myself that I want, which add a beautiful essence to the word confidence. Not only that, it makes the idea of arrogance given to this word disappear. Love being confident because it looks like this.

Quotes that make me love being confident:

“I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. Bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mine leading.” -Amy Poehler. Passionate means full of emotion based on something someone loves.  Having emotions can be so beautiful if you let it, so let that beauty guide its way into being beautiful for being passionate, and then that beauty guides it’s way to confident and bossy. I have a post about why emotions and vulnerability is beautiful as well, I just didn’t want to make this too long to repeat here.

07a03f1311dd1d6f84b587a3f60a2af0(Image:pinterest) This picture is one of my favorite examples of how I view confidence as beautiful. Getting your hair cut off but looking up like it is a beautiful opportunity. Looking up with honor that you can feel okay with yourself for doing something drastic. Apply this picture of anything that is scary to you. Or find a picture of confidence and apply it to every moment in which you can be confident. When applying this picture to moments of potential confidence, I see intensity, I see a heart beating faster because of the joy of being confident and not from fear. I see respect for being able to work so hard to love myself. I see happiness and the most potential to change the world and be amazing.


4 thoughts on “Being confident is lovely

  1. I loved this! My boyfriend sometimes has trouble with me being bossy, and I actually feel like it’s the only thing I have got going on for me right now. Even when I am depressed and anxiety takes over, I’m still sassy no matter what! Which means I know my confidence is still there, and my leadership skills will resurface soon! Great read! Something I needed to hear!

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