Every place you go has the potential to be a landscape of mountains and wild flowers

This is a post about the beauty I see in every place to live. I live in a place I don’t necessarily like. Well at least that’s what I used to think. Now I see the beauty in where I live and now I just want to find something different…not find something more appealing.  I want to live in a place surrounded by nature and mountains, but I live in the suburbs. I wrote a post a long time ago about how I turned a cloud into a mountain, where I looked up and saw a cloud that looked just like a mountain and I let my mind be engrossed with the bliss of this cloud as if my mind were looking at a mountain. The difference between the two, a cloud and a mountain, that almost makes the cloud just as good as a mountain, is that the beautiful mountains stay the same, and the clouds are always different. One day I see a large cloud and my mind changes it to a mountain, and the next day, it’s an entirely different cloud, but surrounded by the familiarity of home. Now on to the beauty I see each place to live.

Why I learned to love the suburbs: So close to neighbors. I am going to be moving out of the suburbs soon but I have found the beauty that makes me want to cherish the time I have left. Like the time I was walking my dog and crossed the street to get out of the way of a lady who was shoveling the sidewalk in front of the house. How she kindly said from across the street, “I would have gotten out of the way for you.” Then we began talking about how the salt is faring on my dogs paws because her older dog gets salt stuck in his paws. The way the man saw me walking with a bag after I cleaned up after my dog and said I could throw it away in his trash can he had out for garbage day. The friendliness and closeness is what I will cherish. I will be happy if I find my way back here and I am happy and proud of my time here.

City: The idea of a tiny studio apartment overlooking the lights. A tiny apartment that reminds me of the hotels that have a  large aspect of nostalgia for me that I love. I can live in an apartment anywhere, but in the city it will be more special to me. I will be happy if I end up here.

Country: The beauty. The wide open spaces that look like a painting. The barns in the middle of nowhere that remind me of adventure. I will be happy if I end up here. Don’t be fooled by the fact that I have much more written for suburbs. I have lived in the suburbs so I have some of this based upon memories. The rest is based on my dreams and I think my dreams of these places are really stunning as well. As I live in different places, the memories and experiences will make the beauty grow.

What beauty do you see in the place you live? Or what beauty does your mind see in the dreams of future places you want to live?


6 thoughts on “Every place you go has the potential to be a landscape of mountains and wild flowers

  1. I hear you. I really do. But I’m in the middle of an enormous concrete slab of an apartment tower, surrounded by a dozen other concrete slabs. All are separated by clogged arteries of scurrying cars and wailing sirens. Hard to see the beauty out there. Especially when set against the beauty and fresh air and openness of mountains and dirt and Nature.

    But, I suppose your right. Everything I need and want is within easy reach. Friends, delicious food, and a cozy bed with my name on it.

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    1. I understand you too. As I travel around it’s hard to imagine living in certain places but I think it’s so important to find the joy in it before we explode. I actually live near a train (the tracks are literally the backyard of my neighbors across the street) and it was so loud and annoying at first. Now I find it soothing 🙂

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  2. This is so beautifully written. I was thinking like you this morning when I noticed the lovely sound of the birds outside my house. I live in a flat suburb and I crave mountains, but the birds reminded me of seagulls on the beach, and I realized the ocean is only a 15 minute drive from my house, and I felt lucky.

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