INFP Worthiness

The myers briggs test gives an extremely accurate idea of who you are. It reminds me of astrological signs but more accurate. I am a Leo and I’ve never been into the star signs because I do not identify with the Leo sign. However, I identify with my quiz results of the myers briggs test. So I have decided to get into the shoes of every result for the most accurate quiz I have seen and find a reason to wish to be every single one including the one that I was put into. I will be doing this over a course of a few posts. Taking this test has made me okay with my personality so I have decided to share with you why I like being INFP and why I would wish to be all the others ones that you can be. INFP stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting and turbulent. The people I look up to in this category are William Shakespeare, Anne from Anne of green gables, Alicia Keys, and Regina Specktor to name a few. I like being intuitive because it makes me feel like I am magical. I think I am good at reading others emotions and I never thought much of it until this quiz. Being intuitive is like living in a magical place. This category also means I am creative and I have always loved writing and anything creative. I saw a quote saying that I am half child and half ancient. This is a perfect example of the worthiness I see in both. I used to hate the idea of growing old but I like the idea of acting old. I can love acting like a child but also love acting old. I dress old but I am dressed old jumping around like a little kid. I can see the worthiness in childlike manner and an older manner in myself. I have made a post about this before but being introverted makes for a dreamer and a dreamer makes for a magical energy given off which I love about being a dreamer. I used to be ashamed at how much I remember about people, but apparently this is common with INFP. I used to believe that remembering so much meant that I was just insecure. Like I can only remember because being with people I am always comparing so being around people can often be very upsetting if I am stuck in my head. I felt I only remember because I am damaged but that’s not the case. Learning that I am INFP and seeing how others respond to this makes me completely okay with remembering so much. (Considering I remember little social details instead of details that will help me get A’s on all my tests) More magic to the INFP ideal for the remembering portion even if it’s not on tests. INFP have very contradictory personalities. We want to know who we are so bad but because we don’t fit into one certain label, we obsess over who we are because we can’t figure our own personalities and souls out. Taking this quiz and reading quotes has changed my own perspective of, “I have no clue who I am! Am I fake a child who really has an old soul? Or am I a fake old soul who is really a child!?” No I am just, “Half old and half ancient.” It makes no sense but the fact that others feel the same way is very helpful for me to accept this piece and not try to figure out which side of me is the real one. “Who on earth am I!? I like being with people but I need to be alone!” Well, I’ve always wanted to be mysterious and even though I don’t believe I am, being a “walking contradiction” makes for me to be a complete mystery to myself. I must point out that because I fit into this category I am obviously relating to it more. In the coming posts I will find the worthiness in each type based upon certain desires to fit into the rest of the categories but because I can’t relate to all of them, I might not get into as much detail as I am here.


11 thoughts on “INFP Worthiness

      1. Yes I do. I am an awesome balance between my parents’ personalities. My mother is an INTP, she is very intelligent and she always consistently gets the same results and my father is an INFJ, which explains a lot. My mother and I are very close, which makes sense, only one letter off, we think a lot alike. I’m the mediator… it’s really cool. 😊

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  1. I’m also an INFP-T. A certain website I took the test on recently defined this as a “mediator,” which I love. The idea of being a sort of “peacemaker” was always very appealing to me. INFP type comprises roughly only 4% of the population, so we’re as unique as they get! At first, my biggest insecurity with being INFP was the introvert part, which I believe I’ve talked to you about before, but there’s a stigma around being an introvert. Almost as if we don’t have the mental fortitude to handle ourselves in social situations, which absolutely isn’t true. As is your specialty, I’ve learned to embrace my introvertedness. Back to the personality type as a whole, though, many key words I’ve found in describing it are: compassion, kindness, and purity. What’s not to like about that?

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      1. I do relate to most of the strengths (and weaknesses) of the type. While I’m probably not quite at your level of embracing the entire personality (I take things personally and am very idealistic, traits that sometimes work against my happiness), the good in INFP-T more than outweighs the bad, for me.

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      2. I would try looking at pinterst and typing in INFP. that’s what made me embrace it. It has beautiful quotes that I can relate to and you might be able to too. I must admit those pinterst quotes are the main reason why I embraced it.

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