Worthiness I see in different types of humor

Physical-I definitely see a lot of worthiness in physical humor. It’s an art and a sport in one. I see this as an intense and energetic funniness that I love. When I see someone using physical comedy I know they can love themselves because of how endearing they are. It is impressive and makes people smile at the same time.

Impressions-If I were an impressionist I would love myself for being able to be like the people I admire. The people whose mannerisms I love, they could become a part of me when I impersonate them. When I was younger I thought impersonation was mean but when I changed my perspective and got inside the mind of an impressionist who loves themselves, I found the joy and admiration that drive these comedians. I am actually trying out some for the first time in my life because of thinking about impressions this way.

Witty One-liners that are a combination of intelligence and humor being done quickly in a situation. I see so much potential for self love in this intelligent type of funniness.

And then I don’t know what kind of comedy you would call Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon besides when they sometimes do impressions, but I love every bit of these two. l2JhAmuESLx73WWbK.gifBecause of Kate McKinnon I have grown to be okay with the strange facial expressions I make because I found the worthiness of them on her.


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9 thoughts on “Worthiness I see in different types of humor

  1. I’m sure I’m dating myself here, but back in the early 80s, Canada’s answer to SNL was SCTV. The two women in the main cast were Andrea Martin and Catherine O’Hara, both of whom became my comedic heroes of the time because of their willingness to do ANYTHING in the service of a good laugh. And I mean anything. They did not care how ridiculous, absurd, ugly, brash, or humiliating the pratfall or line or facial expression made them seem. And this is why they both were and are brilliant comediennes.

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  2. I have a customer who comes into my place of work every single day I’m there, and has for the past few months. Every time she comes in, she asks me for a pun, because she knows I basically thrive off of witty/absolutely ridiculous one-liners. Even poking fun at yourself is needed, because if you can’t laugh at yourself, then it’s even harder to love yourself. Humor is so essential to everyday life, but so, so invaluable.

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      1. Uh oh, be careful – if you get me into pun mode, I may never stop…

        Did I tell you I was thinking about moving to Moscow? I wanted to go, like, next month, but then I thought “You know, there’s no point Russian into things.”

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