A new type of bucket list

We all spend so much time taking pictures. Whether that be for instagram or something of the sort. I recently got back from a trip in which I practiced this new type of bucket list I thought of. I call it, “The present bucket list.” What this means is to go into a situation that is either on your bucket list or just a situation you find yourself enjoying, and then take one picture of it, but just one. I mean, we all know that in good situations these days, most of  us, including myself, want to take a picture of it. This isn’t a bad thing in any way at all. Pictures are memories but it gets us into trouble if we only see what’s in front of us from behind a camera. What I did this week on vacation, doing things on my bucket list and looking at the scenery is take a picture, and then be sure that I am mindful. Mindfulness should take up most of the time spent on this. Not taking pictures or videos. Make sure if you are in a situation where you are ready to check something off your bucket list, make sure you really look at it. Act as though, for a few moments, that the different view of a camera never existed. Act as though your hand physically cannot move to place a checkmark next to this experience until you have practiced mindfulness in this situation and really looked and felt everyhing.


Every place you go has the potential to be a landscape of mountains and wild flowers

This is a post about the beauty I see in every place to live. I live in a place I don’t necessarily like. Well at least that’s what I used to think. Now I see the beauty in where I live and now I just want to find something different…not find something more appealing.  I want to live in a place surrounded by nature and mountains, but I live in the suburbs. I wrote a post a long time ago about how I turned a cloud into a mountain, where I looked up and saw a cloud that looked just like a mountain and I let my mind be engrossed with the bliss of this cloud as if my mind were looking at a mountain. The difference between the two, a cloud and a mountain, that almost makes the cloud just as good as a mountain, is that the beautiful mountains stay the same, and the clouds are always different. One day I see a large cloud and my mind changes it to a mountain, and the next day, it’s an entirely different cloud, but surrounded by the familiarity of home. Now on to the beauty I see each place to live.

Why I learned to love the suburbs: So close to neighbors. I am going to be moving out of the suburbs soon but I have found the beauty that makes me want to cherish the time I have left. Like the time I was walking my dog and crossed the street to get out of the way of a lady who was shoveling the sidewalk in front of the house. How she kindly said from across the street, “I would have gotten out of the way for you.” Then we began talking about how the salt is faring on my dogs paws because her older dog gets salt stuck in his paws. The way the man saw me walking with a bag after I cleaned up after my dog and said I could throw it away in his trash can he had out for garbage day. The friendliness and closeness is what I will cherish. I will be happy if I find my way back here and I am happy and proud of my time here.

City: The idea of a tiny studio apartment overlooking the lights. A tiny apartment that reminds me of the hotels that have a  large aspect of nostalgia for me that I love. I can live in an apartment anywhere, but in the city it will be more special to me. I will be happy if I end up here.

Country: The beauty. The wide open spaces that look like a painting. The barns in the middle of nowhere that remind me of adventure. I will be happy if I end up here. Don’t be fooled by the fact that I have much more written for suburbs. I have lived in the suburbs so I have some of this based upon memories. The rest is based on my dreams and I think my dreams of these places are really stunning as well. As I live in different places, the memories and experiences will make the beauty grow.

What beauty do you see in the place you live? Or what beauty does your mind see in the dreams of future places you want to live?

Open mindedness saved my future

Maybe, just maybe I can survive this. In the past, even with evidence of me surviving the same situation before, I often wanted nothing to do with handling my emotions. I wanted them gone. I was never willing to try the things people were telling me because I felt that trying was too hard when I was as sad as I was. What if I get too overwhealmed when I get my full time job? I won’t surivive it! Well, now that I have opened my mind and let the thought, “maybe you can,” enter my brain, I know I can. I wouldn’t let that thought enter my head before. It threatened to take away all my dreams. Last year my therapist said, “you’re young. You can travel or do anything you would like to do.” I said I didn’t want to do anything. A lot of this came from worrying about money while traveling or following my dreams, rejection and home sickness from traveling. But once I opened my mind to all the things I might be able to survive, the life in myself from my childhood came running back to me. All the dreams I had that I lost came back, and as I have said before this has done wonders for my depression.