When I say I’m ready to recover, I’m not messing around.

My dreams have saved me. Last year my therapist said I’m young and can do anything. I didn’t want to do anything. I wanted to be with my dog and be with my eating disorder. Then I got a change of heart, and now I want everything. Mainly I want to make a different in animals lives. With my eating disorder I cannot do that. How can I without energy? So I made another blog. I will still be writing on this one, but I also have another one now called lovinganimalrights.wordpress.com and this is without talk of my eating disorder. My animal blog is strictly my recovery. And since this is strictly my recovery, I will only write in it when I am in recovery. I’m making a promise to myself that if I ever relapse, I will stop writing in that blog. If I ever relapse, I will feel the depth of what it feels like to lose everything due to the eating disorder. I’m done Ed. I’m ready to help save animals. Like I said in my depression post, this is what I’ve wanted since I was a child. Going back to my healthy dreams of my childhood is what cured my depression. Here comes an even happier life!


9 thoughts on “When I say I’m ready to recover, I’m not messing around.

  1. I think you should consider continuing to write even if you relapse. Relapse and reestablishing are sometimes parts of people’s recovery process. It gives us hope to see others go out and come back. It relieves us of guilt if we relapse because we see others and know that we are human with them.

    Just my thoughts. Do whatever you feel is best for your recovery.

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    1. I will always write on this blog post. this is what caused me to recover for myself. Not writing on the other blog however, is kind of a punishment for releasing. I need all the punishment I can get for a relapse! 🙂 But relapse and reestablishing is very important to me. And documenting it on this blog is going to show me my strength, so my long term recovery definitely does relate so much to this blog. Thanks for putting it in more perspective for me 🙂 It also shows me how much I shouldn’t slow down writing on this blog just because I have another one. Both are huge values in recovery


    1. There is a still called change your perspective. It is about changing how you feel about yourself instead of changing yourself. I did this by seeing my personality and things I hated about myself on someone else. People watching or watching television is really helpful to find yourself in someone else, and being able to see the beauty in yourself. I hope this helps!

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